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Flight - the Final Update

Thank you so much for following the development of Flight.
In this latest level, you will start off the level with one goal in mind.


In Flight, you fly around as a bird and gather other birds to embark on a musical, mystical journey.

Collect the Yellow bird - it will grant you the power to light lanterns with your songs.

Your goal is to gather all 20 birds. Light up all 5 Lanterns and collect them to unlock the portal at the top of the islands. The music will grow as you collect more birds.

I hope that this little game can help you take a moment to breathe, relax and bring you peace throughout your day today.


Controls: Left Click: Sing | Right Click & Hold : Accelerate

Hold & Release Left Click: Charge | Send your birds out to make them sing at objects at a far distance.

ESC: Pause / Quit Game


Level Design, Music, Sound Design, Implementation - Daniel Kim

Design, Programming, VFX - Martin Gonzalez

Early Level Design & Help with 3D Models - Peet Cooper

Install instructions

Download the file corresponding to your platform, unzip it and play the game!


Flight - Night Level 938 MB
Flight - Night Level 771 MB


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